Projet Voyage Canal


Route of Puichéric to Bordeaux east of 366.57 km, run time is 06 days 06 hours 09 minutes. 95 locks to traverse

Restitution of a not delivered order

According to the archives an order of several columns was never delivered; E. It would be a question of reconstituting the delivery terms as to the XVII ème century.
the block would leave Minervois, would join the ports of the channel of the South which would stage demonstrations Very (; bes, Puichéric, Carcassonne, Toulouse, Bordeaux) and would arrive at Versailles after a crossing in bateau.
A Versailles the block would be delivered then the column would be extracted from it on the spot in the gardens.
Financement and publicity could be assured by televisions. Why not a call with the patronage of Versailles, the local patronage (Pennautier, HSBC, Gemini).
Page MARBLES for more details on transport of the marble

Notch the elements; has to display :